Is My Pet Obese?

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Fat cats and big dogs might be fun internet memes, but overweight animals are no laughing matter.

Why Pets Put on Weight

Cats and dogs that are fed too much, don’t exercise, or have a slower metabolism are at risk for obesity. Hypothyroidism is a hormonal disease that can also predispose a dog to obesity.

What’s So Bad About Obese Animals?

Obesity is a disease in pets defined as an excess of body fat. Obesity leads to other health problems such as diabetes, bone/joint disease and breathing problems. Many of these conditions in turn, cause a decreased lifespan.

How to Diagnose Obesity

Animals, just like people, come in all shapes and sizes. Veterinarians diagnose obesity by scoring the pet’s body condition on a scale of 10. Animals with low number values, from 0 to 4, are underweight. The higher numbers, from 8 to 10, indicate an animal that is obese. This BCS (or Body Condition Score) is determined by your veterinarian at the time of an exam. Hypothyroidism can be ruled out with blood tests.

How to Treat Obese Pets

Treatment involves diet changes and exercise. Diets rich in fiber and protein, but low in fat, can help reduce obesity.

An excellent example of how a diet helped to combat obesity was exemplified in the case of two of our patients, brother and sister dogs named Luke and Leia. Luke weighed 95 lbs. and Leia weighed 60.6 lbs. With the assistance of our Purina food representative Julia, we developed a weight loss program involving both Purina O/M, a low fat diet, and exercise. Over the course of several months, the owners closely followed a feeding protocol and Luke and Leia were weighed monthly. Ultimately it was no easy feat for our conscientious clients, but as a result, Luke now weighs 43.5 and Leia 36.9!

If you feel your pet could benefit from a weight loss program, contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Essex Middle River Veterinary Center provides medical and surgical care for cats and dogs at our animal hospital and veterinary clinic in Essex, Maryland, just outside of Baltimore. Our services include preventive wellness care exams, vaccines, spays/neuters, and a variety of specialized care. Our state-of-the-art veterinary offices are conveniently located near I-695 where we see pets from Towson, Honeygo, White Marsh, and other neighboring Baltimore areas.

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Kane loves visiting EMRVC so much that he makes himself comfortable and won't get up when Dad says its time to go! Show us how much your pet loves coming to EMRVC ...

Kane loves visiting EMRVC so much that he makes himself comfortable and wont get up when Dad says its time to go! Show us how much your pet loves coming to EMRVC

Happy National Hot Dog Day from all of us at do you like your hot dogs?? ...

Happy National Hot Dog Day from all of us at do you like your hot dogs??Image attachment

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If you are doing any house cleaning and have blankets/comforters or pet bowls, please consider donating them to EMRVC. ...

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Happy endings like this are why we recommend microchips for all pets! If your pet is already chipped, please update the information at least annually!! ...

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Thank you Essex Middle River Veterinary Clinic for recommendations to take our fur baby Martek to the Animal E.R . in Harford Co. They took good care of us being you couldn't due to your x ray machine needing to be repaired.They were much much more cheaper then Pet E.R. in towson . Thank you for looking out for us and your great customer service.

Awww! This makes me so happy

Yes I urge everyone to update their fur baby's chip. Once when mine got away the person took them to here. We had no clue where he was. The rescue group was supposed to update his chip with our info and didn't but we had no clue that they didn't. It was a fluke that we found out where he was which was thanks to Facebook

Yes, microchip is the best thing to do

They work!!!!! So happy for pup and fam.

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Congrats to the Rhoades family! They are the winners of the Sentinel giveaway of a Furbo Dog Camera ...

Congrats to the Rhoades family! They are the winners of the Sentinel giveaway of a Furbo Dog Camera

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