How to Make Sure Your Dog or Puppy Gets Good Training

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It’s back to school time for kids. And, it’s just as important that your furry family receives an education. Puppies grow quickly and not properly training them can lead to problems with aggression or traits associated with shyness.

Teaching Young Dogs Old Tricks

Dog obedience is available for all life stages but the most important time to start is with puppies. Time must be built in for this. Many puppies are left alone for long periods of time day after day or grow up in environments that are not learning friendly. this can lead to undesirable behavior in grown dogs.

What Does Training Teach?

As early as 5 weeks of age is the time to start socializing with people and begin training with positive reinforcement using treats or praise. The fundamental skills your dog will learn are how to behave around people and other animals. A well-trained dog won’t bark, lunge, or act out. And of course, tricks are part of the package. Learning to sit, lay, and heel are important skills that keep dogs, and their owners, out of trouble.

Finding a Good School

Young puppies usually start with socialization type settings. Formal training classes are often helpful for learning skills, listening to the owner with distractions and also for socialization.

Some trainers we recommend include:

  1. Alma’s Balance Canines
  2. Mid-Atlantic Dog Training
  3. Baltimore County Government Dog Training Services

EMRVC is here to answer any questions you have about puppy training. Contact us today.

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