Protect Your Pets From the Growing Threat of Ticks

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Ticks are a growing threat in our region. This is due to many different factors. Primarily, the regrowth of forest in previously managed areas and warmer winters due to climate change. This provides ticks more habitat, and longer seasons to thrive. Also, people take their animals into these newly-reforested areas on walks. All this adds up to increased exposure.

    Other factors include:

  • Decreased environmental pesticide application
  • Wildlife conservation, relocation & restocking
  • Migratory Birds

Ticks Are a Year Round Threat

Ticks are more than just a summer nuisance. These hardy parasites can thrive in temperatures as low as 40 degrees. The rising populations of ticks across the U.S. have led to an increased risk of exposure for many pets. Given the resilience of ticks, this risk can be high for many months of the year, even year-round in some areas.

Where Ticks Prey

Ticks lurk in many of the places dogs love to go. These include parks, wooded areas, nature trails, and campsites. Even urbanites aren’t safe. Coyotes, deer, raccoons, wild turkeys, and coyotes all make regular forays into even densely-settled areas. Also, your neighbors might take their animals hiking and bring back ticks.

How to Protect Your Pet From Ticks

The best protection you can provide your pet is through medications like NexGard, Bravecto, and Frontline Plus. EMRVC offers many discounts on these medications. Due to warmer winters, any dog that spends any part of the year outdoors ought to be on a tick medication year-round.

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