Does Your Cat or Dog Have Worms?

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Whether your pet goes outdoors or stays inside, it’s likely to get exposed to parasites. Here are some of the most common types of parasites for cats and dogs.

Roundworms Look Like White Spaghetti

Roundworms are very common, and look like white, firm, rounded strands of spaghetti. Roundworm eggs are transmitted by nursing animals and by feces. It is important to keep animals clean and to inform children to keep their mouths off the dogs and to wash their hands regularly. Some of the symptoms of roundworms are coughing, vomiting, diarrhea or malnourishment.

Outdoor Dogs and Cats Often Catch Hookworms

Hookworms live inside a dog’s digestive system. Puppies can acquire them from their mother when nursing or by adult dogs swallowing the parasite’s eggs. Hookworm larvae live in soil, and can be ingested when the dog comes in contact via eating them or through routine self-cleaning. The most common symptoms include diarrhea and weight loss.

Hookworms can infect people, too. The only way a hookworm can enter a human is by penetrating the skin. Human hookworm infections can occur through contact with an infected animal, by brushing up against a plant containing hookworm larvae or by touching contaminated soil with bare skin.

Whipworms Commonly Pass From Dogs to Children

These parasites are shaped like a whip and resemble a small piece of thread measuring 1/3 of an inch long. Whipworm eggs are passed by the feces. Dogs catch whipworms by ingesting contaminated soil, food or feces. These can also cross-contaminate humans. Rates are especially high in children. Weight loss is the main symptom of a whipworm infestation.

Dogs With Fleas Can Get Tapeworms

These look like little grains of rice and can be found on the fur near pets’ hind end. Humans can be infected with a tapeworm from a dog but they must ingest a flea that contains the larvae of the tapeworm. Dogs become infected with tapeworms by ingesting worm segments from the feces or by the dog swallowing an infected flea. Fleas cause itching and scratching. Flea control is very important in controlling tapeworms.

Discounts on Parasite Prevention

Your veterinarian can easily detect these parasites via stool sample. Most can be treated with an appropriate dewormer. We also recommend you protect your pet with products like Sentinel, Interceptor Plus, and Revolution. EMRVC offers discounts on many brands.

EMRVC can help your pet get rid of parasites. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

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