How We Helped Clone a Patient’s Pet Dog

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Which one of these dogs is the real Bruce Wayne? Well, four of them are identical clones—brothers from another mother made from Bruce Wayne’s DNA.

How Did You Help Clone a Dog?

It all started when EMRVC’s client Michelle Kauffman, owner of the original Bruce Wayne was approached by a New York-based cloning company called Viagen with an offer to replicate her popular pup (he has over 60,000 followers on Instagram!). Michelle brought her pup into EMRVC, and our own Dr. Joe Zulty harvested tiny pieces of skin from Bruce Wayne’s belly and shipped them off to Viagen’s laboratory.

Then, the embryos containing Bruce Wayne’s DNA were implanted into the uterus of a Beagle, who gave birth two months later.

Making History With Bruce Wayne

This litter of Bruce Waynes marked not only the first time a Maryland dog has been cloned, but the first time in history so many clones were born at the same time. So Bruce Wayne, his owner Michelle, and EMRVC all took part in this historical event in the world of cloning. Pretty cool!!!

Are they all named Bruce Wayne? That would be hilarious (and confusing!), but no. Owner Michelle named the rest of the litter after other comic book characters: Clark Kent, Peter Parker, Tony Stark, and Wade Wilson. The real Bruce Wayne is being held by Dr. Joe Zulty, wearing the white lab coat.

Oh, and this story has one last twist: There’s actually a fifth clone!

EMRVC is here to help care for, or clone, your pet! Contact us today to set up an appointment!

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