Independence Day Can Be a Scary Day for Animals

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Did you know that July 4th is the busiest day of the year in shelters across the U.S., with many dogs and cats getting lost, injured, or killed? With the increasing understanding of the importance of the human-animal bond, we are more in touch with what matters to our four-​legged family members. That is a good thing. Who wants their pet to suffer needlessly on a day of celebration?

Fireworks Are Scary for Animals

Fireworks can be fun and spectacular for us humans but for our pets it equates to a tumultuous period of real fright, heightened anxiety, and extreme restlessness. Pay attention to your furry loved ones. If they are excesssively pacing, panting, drooling, vocalizing, and seeking your comfort they need your help. Loud noises are confusing for some pets leading to hiding behind furniture, in the bathroom, under the bed, or even frantically running through a window.

Firework Safety & Comforting Tips

Here is what we at EMRVC recommend:

  1. Bring your pet inside. Use the leash for potty breaks.
  2. Make sure all pets are microchipped! Collars or tags with your phone number are worth it!
  3. Many scared pets just need to be in a “safe” room or crate where they can be more comfortable. That may mean you are with them the entire time.
  4. Pressure wraps like Thundershirt and Anxiety Wrap are quick and easy to put on. I use the Thundershirt for my dog Puma -​- works well!
  5. Pheromone sprays, Feliway for cats and Adaptil for dogs, to “de-​-stress” their immediate environment.
  6. Medications for those pets in need. Commonly for the short term, on an as needed basis, we prescribe Trazodone or Alprazolam. For pets suffering from chronic noise phobias and anxiety, drugs such as Fluoxetine (Prozac) or Clomipramine may be used.

For prescriptions, contact us to discuss the best option for your pet!

Essex Middle River Veterinary Center provides medical and surgical care for cats and dogs at our animal hospital and veterinary clinic in Essex, Maryland, just outside of Baltimore. Our services include preventive wellness care exams, vaccines, spays/neuters, and a variety of specialized care. Our state-of-the-art veterinary offices are conveniently located near I-695 where we see pets from Towson, Honeygo, White Marsh, and other neighboring Baltimore areas.

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